Reclaimed Hardwoods- Skip Planed

Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods - Skip Planed

This is our most popular reclaimed flooring and for good reason.  We start with siding and framing members from America's iconic barns and we carefully denail and kiln dry and sterilize it before re-milling it into a gorgeous floor full of wonderful character and charm.

Your floor will feature a range of species including hickory, beech, elm, ash, locust, oak, and a few other of the "harder" hardwoods. This flooring is milled to show the beauty of the wood and preserve the character of the aged boards. Nail holes, circle saw marks, beautiful color variations -- this is one great looking floor. Available as a mixed width floor featuring 3", 4" and 5" widths.  This is a solid wood floor, milled to 3/4" thick with tongue and groove edges.  This is quality flooring that will last generations.