July 11, 2016

How we purchase wood…

We receive inquiries almost daily from folks with old wood they would like to sell us.   We regularly buy a wide variety of reclaimed wood – weathered barn siding, 2″ thick joists and planks, hand hewn and circle sawn beams, and anything else that we have a market for.

Our purchasing decisions are based on our current needs along with the quality and type of material you are offering. Pricing is based on trucking costs (if any), quantity, and condition (sorted properly, neatly stacked, end trimmed, surface denailed, etc).

We buy from wood brokers by the truckload and from owners and smaller wood pickers who have one or two buildings worth of wood.  Bear in mind that we don’t dismantle any buildings, so if the building is still standing, you’ll have to take it down yourself or hire someone to.

If you have wood you think we may be interested in,   please submit THIS INQUIRY FORM   with as much information as possible.   While we are not able to reply to all of the offers we receive, we do look at and consider all of them.  Rest assured, we will let you know if we are interested in purchasing your wood.

To get top dollar for your wood, follow these guidelines:

  • We don’t buy wood that shows signs of termite infestation or lead paint.  We assume all paint is lead-based until tested.
  • The wood should be defect cut (ragged ends trimmed).
  • The wood should be surface denailed to the point that it stacks neatly.  Don’t break off or bend the nails or we will either reject the material or adjust the price!
  • The wood should be sorted by size and species/type and stacked in neat bundles with one end flush. The bundles should be 42-48” wide and 12”-36” tall with 4” bearers under each bundle.
  • If we have to unload by hand, we will deduct an unloading fee from our payment.
barn wood delivered to Georgia Reclaimed

                                                                          A load of barn wood is delivered to Georgia Reclaimed

Thanks for your interest in saving America’s historic wood – we look forward to hearing from you!