August 17, 2021

Calculating square feet for your reclaimed accent wall.

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So you’ve decided you want to add an accent wall of reclaimed wood wall planks to your space.  You know where you want the wood to go and maybe even what color you want.  But how much do you need?

If you’re like me, at one time or another you’ve confidently began helping your kid with a math problem only to realize you had no idea how to solve for “x”.   If that’s the same feeling you have when faced with calculating how many square feet of wall planks you need, you are not alone.  I thought I’d take a shot at trying to explain the basics in case you need a refresher course on calculating areas.

For simple accent walls (rectangles) the easiest way is to measure the width and the height and multiply the two together.  To keep it from getting too confusing, I like to measure in inches (just round up to the next inch rather than deal with the fractions – that type of accuracy isn’t needed for this).  Let’s say your wall is 167″ wide and 107″ tall.  167 x 107 = 17,869.  Now that’s square inches.  Divide that by 144 and you have how many square feet of reclaimed barn wood you need.  17,869/144 = 124.09 sqft.  Super easy.

Now lets say this wall has a door and a window in it.  Measure the height and width of those openings in inches, multiply the two together and subtract from the total.  Let’s say the door is 36″ x 82″ and the window is 32″ x 60″.

Door:  36 x 82 = 2952 square inches.   Divide by 144 to convert to square feet = 20.5 square feet in your door opening

Window:  32 x 60 = 1920 square inches.  Divide by 144 to convert to square feet = 13.33 square feet in your window opening.

Take the wall total (124.09) and subtract the openings (20.5 and 13.33) and you get 90.26 square feet.

Now we’re on the home stretch.  We recommend getting an extra 10% for waste, so to figure how much you need including that extra for waste, multiply your wall’s square feet times 1.1.    (90.26 x 1.1 = 99.28 square feet including waste).

Since our reclaimed accent wall planks come in packs of 20 sqft, 5 packs will be just about perfect for this project.

Of course you can always give us a call with your dimensions and we’ll be glad to do the math for you!