About Us

Georgia Reclaimed is a true family business. Our focus is producing the best reclaimed wood products for our customers. We are located in Monroe and are convenient to Atlanta, Athens, and all of North Georgia.

Rick Holder started Alcovy Mountain Lumber in 2000, and sons Whit and Gabel re-branded the business as Georgia Reclaimed in 2016. We produce a full line of reclaimed wood products including flooring, barnwood paneling, timbers, and mantels. We also build barn doors and solid wood countertops in our custom shop.

Meet The Team

Rick's love of old wood compelled him to start this business 16 years ago. When he's not working, there's a good chance he's playing his fiddle or headed to or from distant places on his motorcycle.
Overseeing all of our production, Gabel's job is never boring. When we let him out, he enjoys standing in a river waving a stick. He calls it "fly fishing".
Whit runs the office and works with our customers. He enjoys making hot sauce, vintage hifi, and learning the bagpipes.
Woodworker & Timber Framer
With a calm demeanor and a quick smile, Blaine is the guy for detail work, from furniture to timber framing. He also enjoys painting, drawing, and playing guitar.
Ryan really enjoys helping our customers find the right wood for their project. He's always up for a conversation about golf, fishing, or Italian wine.
Bud manages our reclaimed wood store and loves to help customers find the right wood for their projects. Bud spends his off days in his leather-shop, making sheaths, belts, and holsters.